PROKENNEX Pickleball Pro Spin Paddle 7.6 oz


Pickup available at 5650b Merrick Road

Usually ready in 24 hours

The Pro Spin features an industry and first ever, “3 Way Access To Spin.

  • Starett Legal textured surface
  • Textured surface embedded into a non-slip surface applicant.
  • 21 strings submerged beneath the surface  

The three-prong approach to accessing spin allows players to activate ball rotation from our textured surface and non-slip applicant in their short game while engaging the strings during groundstrokes, serves and returns for maximum spin.

The Pro Spin is a brilliantly designed single-piece paddle with a graphite inlay, making it virtually indestructible.

As with every ProKennex paddle, the Kinetic system reduces shock by 46% and vibration by 23%, helping eliminate the epidemic of arm injury and strain in Pickleball.



Paddle Face Finish: Starett Legal textured surface
Core Construction: 21 strings submerged beneath the surface
Weight: +/- 7.6 oz
Handle Circumference:  4 1/8” grip
Handle Length: 5.12"
Paddle Length: 16.53"
Paddle Width: 7.6"
Paddle Thickness: 10.9 mm