Adidas Adipower ATTK 3 Pickleball Paddle 14mm 2024


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Adidas Adipower ATTK 3 Pickleball Paddle

Optimize Your Game with Adidas Adipower ATTK 3
Elevate your pickleball game to elite levels with this paddle, a pinnacle of high-performance pickleball equipment. Crafted for precision and power, its 14mm thickness masterfully balances power, touch, and control. The innovative ATTK shape optimizes the sweet spot at the paddle's top, extending your reach and amplifying your power for unmatched gameplay.

Unrivaled Structural Integrity
This paddle features cutting-edge perimeter carbon reinforcement, delivering extraordinary torsional rigidity and durability. This advanced construction ensures a solid and stable platform, enabling powerful and controlled shots with every swing.

Spin Blade Max: Spin Mastery
Unleash the full potential of your shots with the Spin Blade Max technology. Its maximum roughness texture significantly enhances spin, allowing for impressive effects and superior ball control. Coupled with the HD Polypropylene Honeycomb core, this paddle offers a harder touch for increased power in high-intensity exchanges, all while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Grip and Comfort Redefined
Achieve optimal performance with the Extra Power Grip, specially designed for players who prefer a two-handed backhand, enhancing momentum and power. The Comfort Grip's EVA layer provides a padded, smooth feel, ensuring a non-slip and secure hold for ultimate control.

Advanced Materials for Advanced Players
Constructed with 24K Aluminized Carbon, this paddle sets the standard for rigidity, durability, and power, featuring an aluminized coating for a sensational touch. Its classic multilayers and upgraded edge guard enhance durability and performance, marking the Adipower ATTK 3 as the premier choice for high-level play.


  • Balanced 14mm thickness enhances power and control
  • ATTK shape for extended reach and amplified power
  • Carbon reinforcement ensures stability and durability
  • Spin Blade Max technology for superior spin control
  • HD Polypropylene Honeycomb core boosts shot power
  • Extra Power Grip increases momentum and force
  • Comfort Grip for a non-slip, secure hold
  • 24K Aluminized Carbon provides exceptional rigidity
  • Classic multilayer construction for robust performance
  • Upgraded Edge Guard extends paddle longevity

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