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PERFORMANCE+ is designed to meet the demanding needs of the body during and after exercise. This great-tasting drink mix provides a low-carb, zero-sugar combination of bioactive B vitamins, electrolytes, Albion TRAACS® chelated trace minerals, key amino acids, herbs, and powerful antioxidants without the use of synthetic sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Performance + features a unique blend of natural exercise enhancers that are patented and clinically tested to fuel muscular excitability and take performance and recovery to the next level. These include caffeine/pterostilbene co-crystal, Creapure ® creatine, and Peak ATP ® adenosine triphosphate. Let Performance + help you maximize your exercise time and your energy output.


Dissolve the contents of one scoop in 6-12 oz of water according to preferred sweetness. On non-workout days, consume the effervescent drink in the AM on an empty stomach. On workout days, consume the effervescent drink once daily 30 minutes prior to workout, or use as directed by your healthcare professional. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Individuals taking medication, especially blood thinners, should discuss potential interactions with their healthcare professional. Caffeine should not be combined with synephrine or ephedrine. Use cautiously if you have a history of abnormal heart rhythm. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged. Serving Size: 1 Scoop (about 12.9 g)Servings Per Container: About 30.


Different Performance + relies on natural ingredients, not ephedra or artificial stimulants, to help maximize exercise performance. Furthermore, it provides only five grams of carbohydrates and zero sugars. By using natural flavors and stevia in place of sugar and other carbohydrates, the typical “sugar high” that is associated with many energy drinks can be avoided. Equally important, Performance + contains no artificial colors.* The Difference is in the clinically researched ingredients.Peak ATP® Oral supplementation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) combined with resistance training has demonstrated ergogenic benefits.[1] Peak ATP is a patented form of ATP disodium that has been shown in human studies to enhance muscular growth, power, and strength while improving recovery. Proposed mechanisms of action include increased muscular excitability, improved blood flow, and increased anabolic signaling.[1-4] As a result of these effects, Peak ATP helps athletes push themselves to greater levels of performance.* Peak ATP supplementation (400 mg/d) has been shown to increase post-exercise ATP levels and athletic performance following repeated sprint bouts. Peak ATP also significantly increased vasodilation and blood flow after acute arm exercise bouts.[5,6] In a double-blind, placebocontrolled, crossover study, 400 mg of Peak ATP for 15 days “tended to reduce muscle fatigue while improving muscle low-peak torque through sets of exhaustive exercise.”[1] A double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that resistance-trained participants taking Peak ATP for 12 weeks experienced several benefits over placebo, such as increased strength (147%), increased power (30%), increased lean body mass (100%), and increased muscle thickness (96%). Additionally, body fat decreased in the supplemented group.[3] Data also suggests that Peak ATP helped prevent performance declines seen in overreaching.[3] Adding to these findings, in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (n=42), Purpura et al found that 400 mg of Peak ATP for two weeks prevented exercise-induced declines in ATP and its metabolites and enhanced peak power and muscle excitability.*[7] Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate Creatine supplementation increases the amount of creatine in muscle tissue, heightens energy production, decreases muscle fatigue, and reduces lactic acid output. Significant improvements in body mass, fat-free body mass, oxygen uptake, sprint performance, weightlifting volumes, and overall exercise performance following creatine supplementation have been demonstrated.[8-10] In Performance +, a compounding effect of several ingredients is expected. In fact, the combinatory effects of caffeine, creatine, and amino acids have produced improvements in time to exhaustion (TTE) and peak velocity (PV) in humans.*[11] Creapure is premium, 100% pure creatine monohydrate that has been used with confidence for over 20 years. The Creapure brand is recognized for careful selection of raw materials, patented high-performance technology, sophisticated process engineering under GMP conditions, and precise chemical analysis to ensure consistency and purity.Caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal is an innovative ingredient that combines caffeine with pterostilbene—a highly bioavailable analog of resveratrol— to form a unique co-crystal structure. It appears that this unique structure affects the way the body utilizes caffeine. As such, it may offer significant advantages over caffeine alone. In a rat study (n=6), the half-life of caffeine from caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal was eight hours, while that of ordinary caffeine was just three hours.[12] In a preliminary, four-week, single-blind, crossover human study (n=12) that compared 232 mg of caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal (providing 99.76 mg of caffeine) to 100 mg of ordinary caffeine, the absorption of caffeine from caffeine pterostilbene cocrystal was approximately 30% slower and caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal delivered 30% more caffeine to the bloodstream. Furthermore, at six hours, 51% more caffeine from caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal was detected in serum compared to ordinary caffeine.*[13,14] These data suggest that the effects of caffeine from caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal may last longer than the effects from ordinary caffeine and point to a potential for reducing total caffeine intake. Additionally, the extended half-life and slower absorption rate of caffeine from caffeine pterostilbene co-crystal may produce a more moderated and gradual finish, thereby preventing the “crash” associated with regular caffeinated energy products. While the results of these studies are promising, larger studies are needed to validate the findings and determine if these findings translate into a lengthened energy effect. Of interest, chlorogenic acids from coffee have been found to positively affect human fecal microbiota, including Bifidobacterium species, which could benefit host health.


Serving Size 1 Scoop Serving Per Container: About 30 Formulated to Exclude: Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Shellfish, Sugar.