GEARBOX Power Pro Elongated 14mm Limited Edition Pickleball Paddle - Summer Pink


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Introducing the Gearbox Pro Power Elongated 8.0 Pickleball Paddle, a revolutionary breakthrough in pickleball technology that redefines the standards for paddle construction, power, spin, feel, control, and paddle sound. Crafted with passion, precision, quality, and unmatched ingenuity, the Pro Series features three cutting-edge patent-pending technologies that synergize to deliver the most advanced paddle yet, ushering in a new era of paddle technology.

Advanced SSTCore Technology:

At the heart of the Pro Series lies Gearbox's renowned Solid Span Technology (SST), now enhanced with a patented (US 10377093) design. SSTCore incorporates a carbon fiber framework with parallel carbon fiber rib cores and impact-resistant face layers, ensuring exceptional durability.

SSTCore serves as an advanced energy-transfer mechanism engineered to capture and amplify energy, resulting in an explosive and responsive performance on the court. Players will experience unparalleled power, control, precision, and durability with each shot.

Enhanced Power Matrix Technology:

Power Matrix Technology, a new patent-pending innovation, is meticulously designed to enhance Gearbox's patented SSTCore™ Technology. This revolutionary technology creates separation between the core, paddle frame, and handle, allowing for significant flex and precise control of energy transfer.

The Power Matrix optimizes power, enhances control, provides stability, and delivers efficient energy transfer. It stores and releases more energy upon ball impact, ensuring greater force and accuracy. This enhancement elevates overall performance, providing a powerful, precise, and responsive playing experience.

TXR Surface Grip Technology:

Gearbox TXR Surface Grip Technology marks a pioneering advancement in pickleball paddle design, successfully applying a cured textured ply on internally pressurized molded paddles.

This groundbreaking technology enhances player experience by amplifying feel, spin, and sweet spot dynamics. Through optimized deflection and the interaction with the finely segmented SSTCore™ Technology, the textured surface ply offers unmatched tactile feedback, allowing players precise control and spin manipulation. An expanded sweet spot guarantees consistent and powerful shots, even on off-center hits.

Elongated Shape for Extended Reach and Power:

The Elongated shape of this paddle is ideal for those seeking extended reach and power on the court. With its elongated paddle and extended handle, it provides a familiar grip for tennis players transitioning to pickleball.


Pro Power Paddle - Unmatched Power and Precision:

The Pro Power Elongated paddle represents an innovative breakthrough for pickleball enthusiasts who demand unmatched power and precision. Engineered with new patent-pending technologies, this paddle's elongated shape extends your reach and enhances spin potential, allowing you to dominate your opponent with each swing.


Its SSTCore™ ensures efficient energy transfer, while the Power Matrix stores and releases explosive power with finesse. The Pro Power Intelligent Sweet Spot delivers a winning combination of strength, power, and excitement, making it the ultimate choice for players focused on victory.

Its quiet sound will keep your opponent on edge as they try to decipher the sound of your winning shot.

The Gearbox Pro Power Elongated 8.0 Pickleball Paddle is a game-changer in the world of pickleball. With its innovative technologies and elongated shape, it offers unparalleled power, precision, and control, making it the ideal choice for players who aspire to dominate the game with finesse and authority. Get ready to elevate your pickleball performance to new heights with this exceptional paddle.


Paddle Face Finish: Toray T700 (Raw Carbon Fiber)
Core Material: Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber
Core Construction: Patented Carbon Fiber Chambers
Head Shape: E (Elongated)
Weight: 8.0 oz (+/- 0.15oz) 
Handle Circumference: 4” grip
Handle Length: 5-1/2"
Paddle Length: 16 1/2"
Head Length: 11"
Paddle Width: 7-3/8"
Paddle Thickness: 14mm
Grip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap - Black
Warranty: 1 year
USAPA Approved

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