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Bread & Butter The Loco 16mm Pickleball Paddle

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The "LOCO" is a high-performance thermoformed pickleball paddle that has been carefully crafted with the same raw T-700 carbon fiber face that is found in the best tech-focused paddles on the market. Our market research let us know that we need a hybrid shaped paddle for individuals who prefer lower swing weights, faster hand speed, or aren't acquainted with an elongated paddle. From this, we developed the Loco which features superior hand speed backed up by power and touch.  With this paddle, players can be even more aggressive on the courts, thanks to its injected foam that runs around the edges and down through the handle. This foam not only adds stability and eliminates vibration but also greatly expands the sweet spot, leading to improved shot consistency no matter where you hit the ball. Overall, the "LOCO" paddle is a top-of-the-line option for any serious pickleball player looking to improve their game.



Weight: 7.7-8.0

-Width: 7.5‚ÄĚ to 7.7‚ÄĚ (192mm to 196mm
-Length:¬†16.3‚ÄĚ (413mm)
-Thermoformed T700 Unibody construction
-Face Material: Nano T700 Raw Carbon Fiber face
-Core Thickness 16mm
-High Density Polypropylene Core
-Graphics are UV printed directly onto core surface
-5.3" Grip Length, 4.25" Circumference 
-Octagon Handle with vibration dampening wrap


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Jose Madiro

Jose from Honolulu Hawaii awesome paddle definitely recommend if you can find one