Vatic Pro V7 Carbon Fiber 16MM Pickleball Paddle

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The V7 16mm paddle is the optimal intersection of Power, Grit, and Control. We have implemented the highest quality TORAY T700 raw Carbon Fiber and engineering to help you perform at the highest level on the pickleball court.

Using a single piece of 360-degree wrapped heat-pressed TORAY T700 carbon fiber, we provide a dominant yet sleek paddle while still maintaining a competitive price. Carbon fiber is stronger, more resistant to deformation under stress, and more resistant to fatigue and wear than fiberglass or graphite. Even through rigorous play, your Vatic Pro paddle will maintain its integrity, grit, and strength. 

Please note: we work to accommodate all custom weight requests. However, due to increased demand and limited inventory, exact weights are not guaranteed. 



    • Surface - Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber with heat compressed texturing 
    • Foam Inject Walls for an increased sweet spot and added control 
    • Thermoformed edges and a Unibody Construction
    • Average Weight - 8.1-8.5 oz
    • Total Length - 16.5 Inches
    • Width - 7.5 Inches
    • Grip Circumference - 4.125 Inches
    • Grip Length - 5.3 Inches (elongated for 2-hand backhands)
    • Grip has 2 polyurethane inserts to reduce shock and help with tennis elbow
    • Core - Optimized C7 Polymers and high-grade performance Honeycomb
    • Core Thickness - 16mm
    • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU

Customer Reviews

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Best pickleball paddle for the price!

I purchased the Prism Flash about a month ago and have been playing with it a ton. So far, it’s proven to be a highly performing control paddle, with a light swing weight and very comfortable factory grip. The extended grip feels especially nice for hitting two-handed backhands. I haven’t noticed any damage or drop in paddle performance, and the spin is still very high after consistently using a carbon fiber eraser. The included paddle cover is also a very nice bonus. Highly recommend for anyone getting into competitive play, or for anyone looking for a solid performing paddle for a very affordable price.

I used the code “ALPHA” at checkout on Vatic Pros website for a discount.

David Pemberton

Vatic Pro V7 Carbon Fiber 16MM Pickleball Paddle

David Rush

For me the paddle is a perfect balance of control to drop the ball in the kitchen and enough power to put a ball away. I tried a lot of paddles prior to making this paddle purchase. My final three paddles were the Joola Perseus, the Selkirk Halo Control and of course the Vatic Pro V7 which what I felt fit my game the best.

Fredrick Dixon
Blown away

I bought this paddle for my wife. She absolutely loves it. The feel is nice and even. The black look is great. And the texture gives the ball just enough spin control for a balanced player. I’d recommend this paddle to any well rounded player or beginner looking for a top level performance paddle