Selkirk Vanguard Control Invikta Midweight Pickleball Paddle 16mm


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The Vanguard Control's Raw QuadCarbon Fiber Face, coupled with the Vanguard X5+ honeycomb core, provides effortless control while delivering a satisfying bite of spin on shots. If you crave consistency with satisfying spin, this paddle is your perfect match.

  • Very reliable and responsive touch and feel
  • Exceptional spin control that provides the ability to sculpt and contour the ball’s flight
  • T-700 Raw QuadCarbon Fiber Face provides ultimate spin
  • Ideal for players seeking added consistency in their game

The Vanguard Control gives players the ability to effortlessly execute precise shots, including third shot drops and resets.

While retaining the exquisite control characteristic of the Vanguard series, this paddle harnesses an advanced non-thermoformed construction process, amplifying its ability to deliver unparalleled control along with an added punch of spin.

Traditional Build
The time-tested paddle design provides a solid feel, enhanced durability, and more control.

EdgeSentry™ Edgeguard
Low-profile, lightweight, and durable, our edge guard technology achieves a well-balanced, solid paddle.

T700 Raw QuadCarbon Fiber Face
Created using a specially formulated quad carbon texture that is processed and made in the USA, the T700 Raw QuadCarbon Fiber provides ultimate spin, and enhances the paddles overall performance.

X5+ 16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
Developed and tested in Selkirk Labs for Project 006, the X5+ Polypropylene Honeycomb Core is proven to deliver unmatched consistency and ball control. This advanced technology significantly boosts the paddle’s performance by effectively absorbing vibration, while providing a larger sweet spot and a softer overall feel.

Upgraded Octagonal Grip
Designed to enhance control, the upgraded Octagonal Grip offers you greater maneuverability and shot accuracy on the court. 

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